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No More Endless Swiping. Let Data Do The Work.

The first automated dating experience, powered by data.

Data. Date. Delete.

Handsfree Profile Setup
No more long hours spent creating a profile, utilize your existing data to set up the perfect digital you.


Automated Data Collection
Connect to Google, Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, and more, to provide our smart AI companion with your data.


AI Matchmaker

No more mindless swiping, receive curated matches with the help of our advanced algorithm.


Never Fear, Data's Here
We want you to date them and delete us. Though do remember that the data's always here to stay.


More Than Just Data

Our platform is more than just data. It's how connections are made, how our online identities manifest themselves. When we say Dear Data, we are writing a love letter to an age of automation and absolute knowledge. The power of data isn't to be estimated, so let us convert your digital information into physical connections.

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