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Dear Data,
I have some questions.

This all sounds like sketchy, what is this app even?

You've caught us! So this app really isn't real. The purpose of this entire project is to expose the kinds of data big media corporations like Google and Facebook have on us, and aim for an awareness of our "digital" selves. How do they match up against who we are in reality? What kinds of good or bad does that bring?

Are you sure saying this is all "fake" isn't just an excuse?

I hear you, this is definitely suspicious. However, I have over months of documentation and a project plan that details my process and how I wanted to go about this "social critique". So I promise you, I was definitely not seriously making this terrifying dating app using data. 

When is Dear Data available?

Never! Haha, oops, BUT if you're interested in talking about this project or have any specific questions, feel free to send me a DM on Twitter @deardata_app.

What does this say about data?

A lot of backlash this app got revolves around the idea that the app collects too much data. Well, that actually wasn't what Dear Data is doing, it's simply using data that already exists on other platforms about you. The app itself are not owners of that data, and neither are you. So we hope that seeing a profile presented using digital data helps you become more aware of the types of information that exists online. 

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